eBook out now – Evidence, research & publication: a guide for EH professionals

Evidence, research and publication: a guide for environmental health professionals is finally complete, we are very grateful to all those who contributed their thoughts and ideas over the years. Further, we hope the eBook helps to inform and develop the research and evidence debate for EH professionals worldwide. More information and details of how to buy as below. As a non-profit organisation, all the proceeds from book sales will go to supporting the future development of the EHRNet.

With best wishes, Surindar, Caroline, Jill, Alan and Rob.

Book description: Environmental health (EH) professionals have long spoken of the need to become more research active and evidence based in their practice but so far little has been written about how to achieve this. In response this eBook seeks to explain research, evidence and publication in a way that can be used by students and professionals at all levels and in all areas of environmental health. The eBook begins by setting out the fundamentals of environmental health evidence and research and then developing your skills as a researcher in reading, writing and publication before identifying potential options for further research related study. Finally the eBook explores the challenges facing EH professionals wanting to become more research active and evidence based and suggests how they can be overcome. The eBook ends with a vision for a more research active and evidence based environmental health.

Book format: eBook (PDF), 104 pages

Price: £5.99 (inc. VAT)

Draft contents page:  eBook contents – DRAFT

eBook flyer: eBook flyer

You can buy this eBook immediately viahttp://www.lulu.com/shop/rob-couch-and-jill-stewart-and-caroline-barratt-and-surindar-dhesi/evidence-research-and-publication-a-guide-for-environmental-health-professionals/ebook/product-20424432.html


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