Opportunities to support your research

We at UKEHRnet are always keen to encourage research and dissemination of findings from our work and to create a culture within the profession of using research and evidencing the impact of our practice.

We would, therefore, like to draw you attention to the impending advertisement of 24 FULLY funded research studentships at Middlesex University.   Deadline 22nd March 2013

Interviews to be held: April 2013…….General enquiries to: research.enq@mdx.ac.uk



“Environmental risk:  We are particularly interested in recruiting PhD students in the broad area of Environmental Risk, to fit with the research in the Flood Hazard Research Centre (FHRC), the Urban Pollution Research Centre (UPRC) and the Decision Analysis and Risk Management Research Centre (DARM) all of which would include for environmental health practitioners.”

This is a competitive process and in all likelihood they will be looking at 1 or maybe 2 quality candidates to be taken on in the environmental risk area.  We would however, encourage you to think about applying and linking your research ideas to this agenda.

In addition we are also keen to promote events which try to enhance skills in research and the use of evidence to underpin practice.  There are 2 events posted on the RSPH events calendar which may be of interest

How to Get Published              12 June 2013

“This conference provides an excellent opportunity for authors to hone their writing skills, with the aim of improving their chances of publication in an academic journal.”

Campylobacter and Listeria: using research to reduce risks      26 June 2013

“This conference will examine the latest research on Campylobacter and Listeria focussing on how controls can be implemented from farm through to fork using innovative technology, enforcement, education and behavioural change to ensure the risks from these bacteria are eliminated if not reduced.”



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