New Marmot & Medical Officers of Health Reports archive

Dear colleagues,

Apologies for another quiet period, the start of the new academic year is always an interesting time, plus we have been busy with PhD writing up and our next two research briefings… This week saw the launch of two important sources of environmental health evidence. This first is the publication of Professor Sir Michael Marmot’s Review of Social Determinants and the Health Divide in the WHO European Region and is available (for free) from Marmot’s Institute of Health Equity website via:

This page also directs the reader to a summary review article recently published in the Lancet and currently available to all as an open access paper. Needless to say the report provides more powerful evidence of the need for actions, including environmental health actions, across society to address health inequities. My thanks also to EHP Peter Archer of the Housing Consultancy Partnership ( for drawing our attention to Marmot’s recent podcast on 26th October 2013 which opened BBC Radio 3’s Free Thinking Festival and can be downloaded from here:  (scroll down to 26th October 2013)

Second, those interested in the history of environmental health will be interested to learn of the publication of the digital archive of the Medical Officer of Health reports for London (1848-1972) by the Wellcome Library, available for free via:

Maev Kennedy of the Guardian wrote an introduction to the archive this week to give you a flavour of what’s there ( and (Shock! Horror!) EH professionals (or inspectors of nuisance/sanitary inspectors – who probably did most of the report data collection) are mentioned! I have yet to start exploring the archive, the next phase includes the digitising of reports from other towns and cities, but what a wonderful potential resource for EHPs and a powerful reminder that our battles to reduce health inequities are nothing new!

Many thanks and best wishes,



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