Guest blog: Health in All Policies

Wales has a major emphasis on using health impact assessment (HIA) as a way of integrating ‘Health in All Policies’ and promotes it as a method of considering health and wellbeing, equity and building health improvement into planning, regeneration and other non-health sector processes.  This is backed up at a national level by a number of strategic documents and frameworks which support the underlying Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) tenet of sustainable development as described in ‘One Wales: A Progressive Agenda for the Government of Wales’ (WAG, 2007).  This focus has led to an increasing number of HIAs in Wales. To support this progress the Wales Health Impact Assessment Support Unit (WHIASU) has written a number of guidance and evidence reviews.   

WHIASU launched its ‘Housing and Health Evidence Review for Health Impact Assessment (HIA)’ on January 8th (WHIASU, 2014).  It is available on the WHIASU website:

The Unit has recently been involved in a number of Housing sector HIAs including draft Local Housing Strategies, Renewal Area Plans and Housing Improvement Projects. These can also be found on the website along with the guides, information and resources.
The review is aimed at practitioners in the Housing and Public Health sectors in Wales or those who have a have a general interest in the relationship between housing and health or HIA.  It contains a literature review of the links between changes to the built environment and their potential impact on health, HIA case studies and provides a Welsh policy context.

For further information on the Evidence Review or HIA in Wales then please contact either Dr Eva Elliott (email: or Liz Green (email:


 Wales Health Impact Assessment Support Unit. ‘Housing and Health Evidence Review for Health Impact Assessment (HIA)’.  WHIASU, 2014

Welsh Assembly Government. ‘One Wales – A progressive agenda for the government of Wales’. Cardiff: Welsh Assembly Government, 2007.


 Liz Green, Principal HIA Development Officer, WHIASU/Public Health Wales


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