Inside Housing

The latest edition of Inside Housing published a piece on the London Borough of Newham’s approach to Licencing private housing sector as part of its strategy to tackle poor housing conditions. The article demonstrates some of the difficulties and challenges faced not just by private sector tenants faced with high rents, insecure tenancies and poor conditions, but also the complexities presented to environmental health services in seeking to address housing standards and deliver effective services that positively affect health in some of our most vulnerable communities.

Paul Mishkin, Senior EHO featured in this article, is a great example of a busy practitioner who has also been able to factor research and publication into his work. For example, he contributed to Effective Housing Strategies and Interventions with colleague Russell Moffatt in relation to Newham’s initiatives.

We know much about the links between housing and health; what we need is more on what we are already – and also can – effectively achieve in promoting health outcomes. This is an area ripe for further research and publication in environmental health and much is already happening on a day to day basis.




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