Arthritis and proximity to road traffic: statistical blip or causation?

I was looking today at one of my favourite resources EHP (sadly not environmental health practitioner) but the well regarded Environmental Health Perspectives . There was a really interesting article on arthritis and proximity to road traffic.  The correlation has been shown in a number of studies it is just that we do not seem to understand the mechanism between the proximity and the outcome.  The article is interesting on 2 points. The first is the obvious public health relationship, however for me the real value to us as a group trying to advocate research activity is the fact that the researchers have reported that they could not prove that it had to do with air pollution or noise.  I am sure that there have been many occasions when you have known something is going on but because you cannot show why you have thought that you could not report on it.  Thus this article shows you a practical way of evidencing research even if your original hypotheses is not proven

Colleagues you might also be interested in the article on remote sensing

Regards Alan


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