Guest Blog: Samir Jeraj, Race Equality Foundation

Many thanks to Samir, who writes:
“Housing is key to tackling health inequalities. That’s why the Race Equality Foundation organised an event focusing on this issue, but specifically in private rented housing. A greater number of people in the UK now live in private renting than in social renting, and that number is increasing. Private renters live in housing that is, on average, poorer quality: a third don’t meet the decent homes standard, and just under a fifth have a category 1 health hazard present. Added to this is the fact that a private renter has far less security – most can be given two months’ notice to leave their home without reason, irrespective of whether they’ve been there for six months or six years. The event heard from people working in Local Government, Public Health, and Renter campaigns – it also launched a briefing on Ethnicity, Health, and the Private rented sector.”
Samir also wrote up a piece for for 24 Dash on ethnicity, health and the private rented sector which you can find here.

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