Call for papers: Journal of Environmental Health Research

Do you have some work you are interested in publishing in a peer reviewed journal? We are currently seeking papers for the next edition of the Journal of Environmental Health Research. This journal seeks to raise the profile of environmental health work. One of its objectives is to showcase the effective in strategies and interventions of environmental health practitioners in their daily work (with permission from their organisations), which often goes unpublished. You may be interested to hear that Effective Strategies and Interventions – environmental health and the private housing sector was authored very largely by those working at the front line of environmental health practice and now appears on the NICE evidence base, showing how our work is valued.

Such peer reviewed publications are increasingly important in contributing to the evidence base in adding to professional standing and credibility as well as helping locate environmental health more prominently in decision making and resource allocation. You are strongly encouraged to write for JEHR, which seeks to support new as well as established writers and the editor Dr Chris Day would be happy to hear your ideas. We are very well aware that many successful environmental health strategies and interventions never make it to publication, a disservice to the profession. Don’t forget that members of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health are eligible to claim CPD for work like this.

Happy writing!




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