Food Glorious Food – and hotel living

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Did anyone watch Panorama last night on The Great Housing Benefit Scandal? Catch up on iplayer. It tells of the enormous sums of money paid by housing benefit sometimes going to conditions and that are really unsatisfactory, presenting health and safety risks to those who have few (if any) choices, including filthy shared kitchens, inadequate bathroom facilities and cockroach infestations. Many working in housing and environmental health will be only too familiar with similar conditions and how difficult they can be to address particularly when there are few alternate options for so many people trapped in poor housing.

Straight after came MasterChef (again you can catch up on iplayer) . Winston Churchill’s grandchildren and academics sat and enjoyed exquisite foods created by those at the top of their game, though the chefs were really feeling the stress. Many watching (me included) would have loved to have sampled those…

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One thought on “Food Glorious Food – and hotel living

  1. Yes this is an excellent investigation. I have added to our box of broadcasts for students, but fo me it provides vivid evidence of how bad some of UK housing still is (C21st)

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