HOUSING AND PUBLIC HEALTH Kings Fund Event 21st October 2015: Call for integrated policy or practice examples

The King’s Fund would like to hear about examples of local policy or practice (evaluated or promising) at this event if it is an example of better integration between housing, health and public health and/or social care, and if it fits under one of the categories below:

  • promotion of health and wellbeing, through the workforce and/or community centred approaches
  • helping improve the economic wellbeing of residents as a means to improving health and wellbeing
  • improving conditions and/or suitability of housing in the private sector and its consequences for health
  • focused initiatives improving the lives of vulnerable groups and people experiencing health inequalities
  • activity contributing to Public Health England’s national priorities: alcohol; obesity; dementia; best start in life; tuberculosis.

Oral and poster presentations are welcome.

Oral presentations will be grouped under one of the following life courses:

  • start and develop well
  • live and work well
  • age well.

You will be asked which of these life courses your example is particularly relevant to when you submit your example.

For more information click here.


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