Disseminating research and new open access resources

Public Health England have just published their Annual Research Review for 2014-15. Its Executive Summary records achievements as securing funding, numerous peer reviewed publications and its “significant contributions to the evidence base for public health policy and practice.”

So, how can we strive to do things more effectively and at the same time add to the evidence base in environmental health?

Fuel poverty is a key area in environmental health for a host of reasons and where we could do far more to evaluate and disseminate heath impacts following interventions. Our open access housing resource page provides links to many useful sites, including for fuel poverty and affordable warmth to help inform local strategies. A new resources is available from Healthy Places (November 2015) Healthy Housing: Fuel Poverty & Health Toolkit Update. This updates online resources to help tackle cold homes and poor health locally.

Another way of sharing and disseminating information is via blogs. The Housing Learning and Improvement Network (Housing LIN) promotes housing, health and social care for older people. Creating better living environments in the first place and not just reacting to poor housing is fundamental in environmental health – see this recent blog. Housing LIN’s innovative website links other features of interest and tags subjects including environmental health (see for example CIEH Effective Strategies and Interventions).

More to follow soon on other approaches to living environments and health as well as new publishing opportunities. Meanwhile happy new year.



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