More on evidence!

The UK Health Prevention First Forum  have produced a report on the role of case studies as evidence in public health (January 2016).

Their research found case studies to help capture real experiences of public health work in specific times and places and reveal stories about interventions.  The Forum concludes that the uniqueness of case studies is that they capture local knowledge in ways that cannot be captured by other means in complex and varied contexts. They add that guidelines and templates that enhance the format, replicability and assessment would help improve status.

With a closer focus in environmental health, Stephen Battersby had produced a report on local authority use of enforcement powers in housing cases which can be accessed via EHN-online.

Each of these new reports are appended to our open access pages.



2 thoughts on “More on evidence!

    1. Hi Patrick
      Many thanks for your comment. You are absolutely right and what is ‘routine’ work in EH can be of great interest to others. Don’t forget to get your employer’s permission first though.
      Many EHPs successfully contributed to the CIEH’s Effective Strategies and Interventions ( and this appears on the NICE evidence base ( – we could do far more on this type of thing, as well as write for peer reviewed publications. This can continue to raise both our profile and credibility.
      Regards, Jill

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