Itching to publish?

Are you secretly (or otherwise) fascinated by a public or environmental health pioneer from history? Is there someone who made a real difference to health near to your home or work who is worthy of recognition?

History is important to us because it helps us makes sense of where we are at now and some of the evidence that underpins contemporary environmental health strategies and interventions.

The Journal of Environmental Health Research will be running a special edition in December 2016  focusing on the heroes and heroines of our profession.

We already have authors pencilled in for Dr William Henry Duncan, Thomas Fresh, George Cadbury, Christopher Addison, Margaret McMillan, Norman Dodds and Joseph Bazalgette.

We are looking for experienced and also new authors for Edwin Chadwick, John Snow, Josephine Butler, Ada and Alfred Salter, Peter Fyfe, J.C Dawes. George Smith, William Hesketh Lever and many others.

The timeline is:

  • By 15th April – email Jill Stewart (see details on attached PDF) with detail on whom your are interested in writing about and their contribution – we will review all expressions of interest and get back to you with confirmation and further information by 22nd April
  • By 31 July – your script to be submitted to the editor of JEHR.

For more information, click here p30 EHN02_JEHR .

Don’t forget that this can contribute up to 10 hours toward your CIEH CPD.

I very much look forward to hearing from you.



One thought on “Itching to publish?

  1. Chadwick was quoted as saying that “the Devil was expelled from heaven because he objected to centralisation and all those who object to centralisation oppose it on devilish grounds”. Some of what I read about him was a bit disappointing. Maybe whomever takes on Chadwick can look into what else might have driven him.

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