Radio 5 live: giving EHPs a voice on Sunday 1st May at 1100

I wrote recently below about Professor Steve Tombs’ new book and the coming release of ‘Better Regulation: Better for whom?’ – the pamphlet summarising  his research on EHPs and its policy implications by the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies and The Open University’s Harm and Evidence Research Group.

I attended the second talk in Liverpool yesterday evening and the pamphlet hasn’t yet been released because Radio 5 Live recorded the first London event for its ‘5 Live Investigates’ programme – hosted by Adrian Goldberg – which airs on Sunday 1st May 2016 at 1100.

There are no further details yet on the Radio 5 Live website, but the current link to the programme is:

Further, it should be available for all as a podcast after broadcast and I will provide further details and the link to the pamphlet here soon. In the meantime a summary of Tombs’ main argument is available here:

I hope this broadcast helps to stimulate a long overdue and critical national debate about what’s happening out there to environmental health services, why it’s happening, why it’s endangering the public’s health and what we could do about it.

Many thanks and best wishes,



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