Guest Blog from Canada!

We are delighted – through UKEHRNet – to have made links with environmental health colleagues in Canada who are doing some fascinating work. Here, Karen Rideout (BCCDC and NCCEH) and Dianne Oickle (NCCDH) introduce their work.

I hope you enjoy exploring the links, Jill.


Integrating health equity and environmental public health practice in Canada

A number of resources from environmental public health colleagues in Canada are now available.

The National Collaborating Centre for Environmental Health (NCCEH) and the National Collaborating Centre for Determinants of Health (NCCDH) collaborated on a qualitative study that explored the role of environmental public health practitioners in addressing the social determinants of health (SDH) and health equity related issues that may present as barriers to compliance with health protection regulations. Results and recommendations from the study were released in a report titled Equity in environmental health practice:  Findings of a pilot study.

A new section on the BC Centre for Disease Control website is dedicated to Health Equity and Environmental Health. These new pages provide health equity and SDH resources for environmental health practitioners. It is the new online home for the Through an Equity Lens: A New Look at Environmental Health project, and also includes links to external resources.

Current highlights include:

The Health Equity and Environmental Health web pages will be updated regularly as new resources are posted. Resources about facilitators and barriers to integrating an equity lens in practice, policy levers for equity-oriented environmental health practice, and a framework for action will be posted in summer 2016.

NCCDH also produced a series of blogs highlighting examples of how environmental public health practitioners have addressed SDH and health equity in their work.  Health equity and environmental public health practice: Stories from public health inspectors shares three practice stories representing real actions that can be taken at a different levels of environmental public health practice.



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