The Isle of Sheppey – a unique place

Edwin Chadwick said of Sheerness, on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent:

Screenshot“The surprise is, not so much that one man here and there reels home drunk, and a savage … into filthy and diseased houses … The process of the physical deterioration of workmen and their families who are drawn into insanitary conditions about places of work, is illustrated by the Government works at Sheerness.”

With such a naval tradition, it’s surprising that Sheppey hasn’t attracted greater attention. But the island’s history also reflects its status as a small island, the changing nature of the English seaside resort, gender roles in history, decline and regeneration, the epidemiologic transition and much more besides.

We have been lucky enough to focus on its public health history and produce Occasional Paper No. 3. It has been a fascinating but enormous task. To obtain a copy, click here. We hope you will enjoy reading this and maybe be inspired to investigate more yourself!

Jill, David and Jim


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