The voice of a housing EHP…

Our apologies for being so quiet recently, this will change soon (my PhD is nearly ready to submit, hurrah!!!) but in the meantime the Guardian newspaper has just published some powerful reflections of a housing EHP via

I’m constantly amazed why EHPs (unlike junior doctors, lawyers etc), particularly those in local government, aren’t more angry and vocal about what’s happening out there! I can think of many reasons why, not least the good reasons why this EHP probably chose to remain anonymous, but I hope that soon we can start to better challenge the ‘current climate’ rhetoric and suggest – in an evidence based way (as the King’s Fund recommend) – why environmental health is a sound investment. Two powerful resources towards this end are:

Professor Steve Tombs on EHPs that we will be revisiting soon (see, including a discussion of why it continues to be ignored by so many!

The work of Canada’s National Collaborating Centre for Environmental Health which shows what can be done when countries invest in environmental health and research (see

Lastly, I don’t know if we can ‘save’ local government EH professionals but I think they’re worth fighting for in the interests of public health so what’s stopping us!!!???

With best wishes, Rob


One thought on “The voice of a housing EHP…

  1. Like Rob I am also amazed at why EHPs are not more vocal about the current political approach to public health, seen by the right wing as just one more piece of red tape and which I heard described not long ago, as now needing to be flexible and soft touch regulation, rather than enforcement that deters the rogue landlord, food business or employer, prepared to to put profit before public health and safety. As to why, all I have heard over the last two years points to an overwhelming presence of EHPs wanting clean hands and a quiet life, without the confrontation of court cases. Unfortunately this is also convenient for too many employer councils. The few I’ve met who really care about public protection, in the model developed handed down during the last 150 years, get urged to shut up and just take the money.

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