Gin Lane 2016

Many in environmental health are also Fellows of the Royal Society for Public Health and last night’s AGM and lecture on the history of public health was followed with the unveiling of a new artwork. To take a look at this fascinating art, depicting the depressing state of society today, click here

Hogarth’s Gin Lane from 1751 has been ‘updated’ by artist Thomas Moore to represent public health issues today; no longer drunk on gin and neglecting her child, the central character is obese and feeding her baby junk food and there are plenty more references to our obesogenic environment. There’s a depressed man leaving a payday lenders, people preoccupied on their mobile phones and not communicating with others right next to them, others drinking too much and loneliness is emphasised along with many other contemporary health concerns.

How we capture knowledge, information and research and disseminate it to wider audiences can only be enhanced by use of visual techniques and for further ideas around this, click here and also here.

Enjoy these great resources.




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