Monographs on Environmental Health

Stephen Battersby, Series Editor for Routledge Focus on Environmental Health, writes:

9781138059450“Pioneers in Public Health: Lessons from History” is the first publication in a new monograph series “Routledge Focus on Environmental Health”. The idea for this series arose from discussions around the publication of the latest edition of Clay’s Handbook of Environmental Health last summer.  This also coincided with the demise of the Journal of Environmental Health Research at a time when Jill was pulling together a special edition on public health pioneers, and so this new series provided an alternative route for publishing her work. This also fitted with the philosophy behind the new series, which is to be able to publish quickly work by new authors and to be able to support publication for those working in environmental health and related fields who may never have been published before.

The aim is for a dynamic series, which provides a forum for new ideas and debate on current environmental health topics. It is also a route for EHPs to get published so that they can highlight their work and environmental health issues about which they feel strongly.  This does not have to be research in the academic sense but could relate to particular aspects of their day-to-day work, for example whether HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) is always effective in catering establishments. On the other hand it is a way of colleagues getting the main elements of a postgraduate (or even a suitable undergraduate) thesis to a wider audience.

The process starts with the submission of a proposal to me as series editor and I will decide whether the subject is suitable and meets the requirements for the series and if so will provide comments. The final proposal is then submitted to the publishers. More information on preparing a proposal can be found here .

As is said in the series preface, the publishers and I will welcome proposals for new works in the series. There already several in the pipeline on housing and health and the role of EHPs tackling health inequalities, with the aim of publishing about three every twelve months, but we want to have a steady flow of editions.

Just in case it is not clear from the recent EHN Review May 2017 the discount that has been made available to CIEH members in return for CIEH support in this initiative, applies to all Taylor and Francis print books (Routledge is part of the T&F group) when purchased directly through the website or by calling customer services on +44 (0) 1235 400 400.

Steve Battersby


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