New year, new publication

In summer 2011 an EH and housing workshop organised by Jill Stewart prompted five British EH academics to create the UK Environmental Health Research Network (UK EHRNet). The network aims to promote a research culture amongst EH professionals, develop their research skills and offer guidance on how research can inform policy and practice. Its creation … Continue reading New year, new publication


Northern Ireland’s Certificates of Fitness

As readers may know, legal housing standards and interventions vary across the UK. England and Wales have the Housing Health and Safety Rating System and Scotland has the Tolerable Standard. Each has its own arrangements for public health. This very interesting blog from Lindsay Shaw, Lecturer in Environmental Health, Ulster University, outlines Northern Ireland's Certificates of … Continue reading Northern Ireland’s Certificates of Fitness

EHPs are publishing! New housing book on the way…

As we have long said those at the front line of service delivery have a rich wealth of experience of dealing with highly complex cases of those who live in poor or unsuitable accommodation of various forms. We have been delighted with the response to our call for case studies for out forthcoming book Environmental … Continue reading EHPs are publishing! New housing book on the way…

Guest blog: Claire Turbutt EHP on Wearable Air Pollution Monitors

The project - Raising public awareness of air pollution is the key to getting political engagement with the issue (1). As we have seen in recent media reports the UK has an air pollution problem. The question was ‘how to make air pollution dosemeters available at a low enough cost that schools, cyclists and motorists … Continue reading Guest blog: Claire Turbutt EHP on Wearable Air Pollution Monitors

Why Grenfell Tower matters for EHPs

The consequences of the horrific fire at Grenfell Tower continue to unfold, whilst speculation about its multiple causes continues and becomes ever more complex. Media coverage has been widespread and sometimes very informative, notably by Inside Housing magazine, but the voice of EHPs still remains largely silent apart from an open letter from health and safety professionals (supported by … Continue reading Why Grenfell Tower matters for EHPs