Our books

Stewart, J. and Lynch, Z. (2018) Environmental Health and Housing: Issues for Public Health, Routledge

Book cover2

Stewart, J (ed) (2017) Pioneers in Public Health: lessons from history, Routledge 



Stewart, J. (2016) Housing and Hope: the influence of the interwar years in England, iTunes.apple.com


“This is an excellent short eBook that explores the important role of housing in people’s lives and their wellbeing following  WW1. Although underpinned by a weight of academic research, it is written in an accessible and engaging way and has much to offer anyone interested in social history and public health. The author makes good use of new technology to present a book that is both interactive and enjoyable to read. Well recommended.” (Jimgri63, 5* review, Customer Reviews).

“… She begins her story in 1918, when sanitary inspectors were thrust onto the front line of a national campaign to create ‘homes for heroes’ promised by prime minister David Lloyd George … As the book shows, politicians were motivated by a fear of ‘British Bolshevism’ as much as altruism. The two decades between the war were incredibly eventful … (and) … In those days politicians were proud to attach their names to ambitious and optimistic housing legislation designed to benefit society – Addison, Chamberlain, Greenwood. How times have changed.

Stewart’s curiosity and passion for her subject shine through in this book, which brings her topic alive through personal stories and using her own striking photographs.

Digital publication, including e-books like this with well chosen links, and the growing use of open source data could make this a golden age for evidence-based practice. All credit then to Stewart, who is a pioneer of using modern technology to expand the environmental health knowledge base.” William Hatchett, Editor, Environmental Health News, October 2016.

Couch, R., Barratt, C., Dhesi, S. and Stewart, J., Page, A. (2016) Research and Evidence Based Environmental Health (pp.102-127), in S. Battersby (ed.) Clay’s Handbook of Environmental Health, 21st Edition, Oxon: Taylor and Francis



Stewart, J. (ed) (2013) Effective Strategies and Interventions: environmental health and the private housing sector, London: CIEH. ISBN 978-1-906989-71-2

cover eff inter

“Jill Stewart, senior lecturer at the University of Greenwich, launched a new research and practice-based publication… This publication is a great example of how to encourage research and disseminate practice in a way that raises the profile of environmental health and can inform policy making…” (‘A duty that transcends policy’, (William Hatchett, Environmental Health News Editorial, May 2013)

The Housing Learning and Improvement Network say that: “It draws together practical examples founded on a range of evidence sources from those working at strategic and practitioner level in the private housing sector in demonstrating how early, proactive interventions are successful on both economic and social fronts in supporting the case for additional resource for these fundamental front line services.”

NICE says: “This report pulls together an evidence base on best practice, strategies and interventions around environmental health and private housing.”


Couch, R., Stewart, J., Barratt, C., Dhesi, S. and Page, A. (2012) Evidence, research and publication: a guide for environmental health professionals, eBook published by www.lulu.com. ISBN 978-1-291-09954-6

cover ebook

 “EHPs .. will find much to inspire and guide them … (in this ebook which) .. describes in a very readable style why research can and should form part of our professional lives … most significantly, into practice … (it) focuses on skills of ‘doing’ research and seeing the outcome through to publication.” (Dr Chris Day, CIEH Education Officer, Environmental Health News November 2012)





Hatchett, W., Spear, S., Stewart, J., Stewart, J., Greenwell, A. and Clapham, D. (2012) The Stuff of Life: PH in Edwardian Britain, London: CIEH, 9 781906 989569

stuff of life


Stewart, J. and Cornish, Y. (eds.) (2009) Professional Practice in Public Health, Exeter: Reflect Press Ltd. ISBN 978-1-906052-20-1

pp in ph

“… Refreshingly bold stance … well considered, skillfully edited and lucid …  many students, and practitioners, will be energised by this book and encouraged to try to make a difference” (William Hatchett, Editor of Environmental Health News, 2010)

“Clear and concise – a well-referenced text which integrates theory and practice in a meaningful way.” (Lecturer, Glasgow Caledonian University)

“Excellent book. Very current and well set out. Good activity exercises and case studies.” (Lecturer, West Nottinghamshire College)

“A comprehensive and wide-ranging book that is useful for all public health practitioners.”(Lecturer, Oxford Brookes University)


Stewart, J., Bushell, F. and Habgood, V. (2005) Environmental Health as Public Health, London: Chadwick House Group Ltd. ISBN 1904306276

cover eh as ph“The publication of this book Environmental Health as Public Health requires those of us involved in the delivery of either discipline to integrate our work and thereby maximise its effectiveness – a really worthwhile challenge. Many of us are already trying to achieve this – more of us must try”. Ian Gray OBE, Foreword to book, 2005.

See also The Faculty of Public Health Newsletter, September 2005, p. 8

“Very good book as I am currently studying Public Health, it’s simple to read.” (Amazon 5* review by Bintu Bakarr, November 2015)

“I’m doing the Professional Practice Portfolio (PPP) hybrid and I recently found this book … what a corker it is. It covers all the aspects as required for the PPP as regards Public Health related to all areas of Environmental Health. Essential reading, not to mention I saw my Uni tutor the other day … using it for his lecture notes! Here’s the book: ‘Environmental Health as Public Health’ Authors: Jill Stewart, Fiona Bushell, and Veronica Habgood … Wish I had commission for this!, just a student trying to help others…” (Chris Eley, (then) Student Environmental Health Practitioner, CIEH, 2012, reproduced with permission)


Stewart, J. (2001) Environmental Health and Housing, London: E & F N Spon. ISBN 0-415-25130-3

eh and housing

“… The author … gives a lucid historical overview of the well-recorded links between poor housing and ill health … her book … is a source of practical information for enforcement officers … This book will be an extremely useful reference tool for EHOs and housing officers.” (William Hatchett, Housing, 2002).

“As a director of environmental health and housing I only wish that this fine reference source had been available to me when in local government. This … book … is good, not least because it deals so clearly with such complex and controversial issues as law and practice relating to housing, statutory fitness, overcrowding, caravan site licencing and the vexed area of multiple occupation … and energy conservation (is) also dealt with in a clear and concise manner as are the very topical issues of asylum seekers and homelessness … Jill Stewart … yet again demonstrates the importance of linking (poor housing to ill health) … Highly recommended for all students in the widest housing sector.”  (G. Aston, Journal of the Royal Society for the Promotion of Health, 2002)

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