Research briefings

From September 2013 we begin publishing a series of free research briefings based on our eBook to try to better communicate what we consider important aspects of environmental health research and publication. Our first briefing below introduces evidence based environmental health, the second explores reading and writing for evidence based environmental health.

Future topics will include practical advice for EH professionals on how to make their work more evidence based. Further, we would welcome your thoughts on useful topics for future briefings.

EHRNet Research briefing 1 – Introduction to evidence based EH

Click EHRNet research briefing 1 review for CIEH – by Ursula Walsh for a review by Ursula Walsh, Senior Lecturer in EH of Ulster University

EHRNet Research Briefing 2 – reading and writing for evidence based EH

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2 thoughts on “Research briefings

    1. Many thanks for your comment, we have plans to write more briefings in the future but we are very limited by our own capacity. EHRNet remains a free time activity and our time has been very limited in recent months but hopefully this will change in the autumn. In the meantime I hope that the rest of the website provides links to many published articles we think are worth reading.

      With best wishes, Rob

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