Housing resources

Housing and health open access resources

From March 2014 we are developing this page to consolidate useful open access housing resources and would welcome any further suggestions and additions.

General housing resource and evidence websites

BRE (2014) Health Savings from Decent Homes Programme (YouTube)

Building and Social Housing Foundation

Building Research Establishment Costs of Poor Housing in Wales

Centre for Social Justice

Future of London

English Housing Survey (ongoing) (scroll down for reports)

GOV.UK and Public Health England Housing for Health

Howden-Chapman (2004) Housing Standards: A glossary of housing and health

Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Kings Fund Housing and Health resources

King’s Fund Conference, 21 October 2015, Bringing Together Housing and Public Health (all sessions)

Housing and Health NHS Alliance

Housing and Health Resources

Housing Heath and Safety Rating System – general publications

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence – NICE Evidence Search

National Housing Federation Health Partnership Hub

ONS Households and Household Composition

Parliamentary Post Note (2011) Housing and Health

Race Equality Foundation – Better housing

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, University of Wisconsin (Housing and Health)

Sheffield Hallam University Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research (CRESR) (Housing)

SITRA housing with health, care and support consultancy

Social and Public Health Service Unit (SPHSU) Systematic Review of Housing Improvement and Health (Thomson et al, updates)

Thinkhouse Housing Repository 2019

University of Birmingham (2016) Good Housing Better Health: the academic-practitioner partnership

University of Warwick Safe and Healthy Housing Unit

University of York Centre for Housing Policy

WHO Guidance on Housing and Health

WHO PHE infographics

House of Commons Research Briefings (2021) – Housing and Health Resources (including reading list)

Systematic Reviews and similar

Glasgow Centre for Population Health (2013) The Built Environment: A Evidence Review

SPSHU Systematic Reviews of Housing Improvement and Health (from 2001) – see also above

Housing Health and Safety Rating System and fire safety reviews

Housing Health and Safety Rating System Scoping Review 2019

Building Regulations and Fire Safety (Hackitt) Review 2018

Fuel poverty and affordable warmth

English House Condition Survey (ongoing) (scroll down for reports on conditions and energy efficiency)

Institute of Health Equity (2011) The Health Impacts of Cold Homes and Fuel Poverty

DECC and NEA (2015) Catalogue of health-related fuel poverty schemes

DECC (2015) £1 million warmth-on-prescription fund (including hospital discharge pilots) 

Gentoo Group ongoing work into ‘Boilers on Prescription’

Healthy Places (November 2015) Healthy Housing: Fuel Poverty & Health Toolkit Update.

CSE / Ashden Fuel Poverty Award

National Institute for Health Research (2017) The Health Impacts of Structural Energy Performance Investments in Wales: An Evaluation of the Arbed Programme

UK Health Forum, DECC, PHE, FPH and FoE (2014) Fuel Poverty: how to improve health and well being through action on affordable warmth

CIEH (2019) Excess cold guidance

Fire Safety and home safety generally

Fire Statistics England

Fire Safety for students in rented accommodation

LACORS Fire Safety Guidance

West Midlands Fire Safety – health work

Also check data kept by local Fire Authority in area of interest

Bristol and Kent Universities (2017) Closing the Gap: Health and Safety at Home – call for new home safety act

Disability and housing adaptations

Aspire (2016) Examining lives in adapted and unadapted homes (spinal cord injury)

Care and Repair (2016) Innovation in Home Adaptations – a fresh chance

Older people and housing

Centre for Ageing Better (2020) State of Ageing

Age Exchange (Blackheath) – reminiscence therapy

LGA and Sitra (2015) A home is much more than a house: Integrated approaches for the housing, health and care needs of vulnerable adults

Campaign to end loneliness

Care and Repair England

Care and Repair – Off the Radar: housing disrepair and health impact in later life

Claremont Project (Islington) includes film on combatting loneliness

Dementia Services Development Centre, University of Stirling

DCLG (2016) English housing survey: housing for older people report 2015-2015

Housing Learning and Improvement Network (LIN) homepage

Housing Learning and Improvement Network (LIN) housing and health pages

Housing Learning and Improvement Network (LIN) resource library

Housing Learning and Improvement Network (2016) Practice Briefing: End of Life Care: Helping people to be cared for and die at home

Housing Learning and Improvement Network (2016) Practice Briefing: Active Ageing and the Built Environment

Centre for Ageing Better (2018) Innovative approaches to home adaptations to enable people to live in their homes for longer

Public Health Profiles for healthy ageing and housing

Children and housing (including overcrowding)

Harker L (2006) Chance of  Lifetime: the impact of bad housing on children’s lives, Shelter

Peter Ambrose (2010) Overcrowding in Wandsworth

Children’s Commissioner Bleak Houses Report 2019

National Housing Federation (2019) Overcrowding Briefing

HoC (2018) Overcrowded housing in England

Housing and mental health

Centre for Mental Health (see housing reports)

Private rented housing and homelessness

National Audit Office (2021) Report on PRS

Stewart and Moffatt (2020) Rooting out the Rogues

CaCHE (2020) The PRS in the UK

Safer Renting (2020) Journeys in the Shadow PRS

Barrett et al (University of Essex and Tendring DC) (2012) Understanding the relationship between mental health and bedsits in a seaside town

Battersby, S (2015) The challenge of tackling unsafe and unhealthy housing: Report of a survey of local authorities for Karen Buck MP

CIEH and CIH (2019) A Licence to Rent

Crisis and Shelter (2014) A Roof Over My Head Sustain: A longitudinal study of housing outcomes and wellbeing in private rented accommodation (final report)

EHN-Online (2015) Films on living in London’s privately rented sector

Generation Rent

Inside Housing sponsored videos on homelessness

IPPR (2019) Sign on the Dotted Line? A new rental contract final report

LGA (2014) PRS Reasearch: prosecuting landlords for poor property conditions

London Borough of Newham (2014) Private Rented Property Licencing in Newham: successes of the scheme

London Property Licencing – continually updated resource with lots of information on PRS, including HMOs

MCHLG (2019) Selective licensing review: Findings from an independent review into the use and effectiveness of selective licensing

MCLG (2018) English Private Landlord Survey main report

Metastreet Blog (ongoing) Licencing, Rogue Landlords, strategies etc

Moffatt R and Watson P (2018) Landlord Licencing in the Private Rented Sector

Parliamentary Briefing (2018) Health in PRS

Shelter (2016) Briefing: the need for stable renting in England

Shelter (2017) Happier and Healthier in the PRS

Barratt C and Green G (2017) Making an HMO a Home

Parliamentary Post Note (2018) Health in Private Rented Housing

Rugg Review (2018) The Evolving Private Rented Sector – its contribution and potential

Rugg  (2020) London Boroughs Management of PRS

JRF (2017) Regulation of the private rented sector in England using lessons from Ireland

LGA (2020) Improving the private rented sector: A guide for councils

Promoting housing to health and costs to other sectors

BRE (2019) The Full Cost of Poor Housing in Wales

Community Housing Cymru (CHC) and the Building Research Establishment (BRE) (2019) Making a Difference – Housing and Health: A Case for Investment

Sitra and NHS Alliance (2015) Housing: Just what the doctor ordered

Housing LIN and CIH Developing your local housing offer for health and care: targeting outcomes (powerpoint presentation)

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to support joint action on improving health through the home

Tunstall and CIH (2013) Delivering housing, health and care outcomes: final report from the CIH/Tunstall summits

Stewart J (for CIEH) (2013) Effective Strategies and Interventions: environmental health and the private housing sector

BRE and CIEH (2008) Good housing leads to good health: a toolkit for environmental health practitioners

BRE (2016) The full cost of poor housing (sample only)

BRE Housing Cost Calculator

Project and programme assessment and evaluation

Wales Health Impact Assessment Support Website (WHIASU)

US Department of Health and Human Services, CDC, (2011) Introduction to Program Evaluation for Public Health Programs: A self-study guide

Gilbertson J, Green G and Ormandy D (2006) Sheffield Decent Homes Health Impact Assessment, SHU

Petticrew M et al (2009) The SHARP study: a quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the short-term outcomes of housing and neighbourhood renewal, BMS Public Health (open access)


CIH (2018) Rethinking Social Housing

Shelter (2019) A Vision for Social Housing

Stewart J et al (2013) Housing, Health, Safety and Wellbeing (EHRNet Occasional Paper)

Planning and designing healthier living environments

Design Council (2014) Active by Design guide: Designing places for healthier lives

House of Lords Select Committee (2016) Building Better Places

Open Access Journals and similar

Environmental Health News – 10 things you should know about housing and health

The Guardian – Beveridge Revisited August 2014

Ageing of housing

NHBC (2015) Homes throught the decades: the making of modern housing

BRE (2014) The age and construction of English housing (sample)


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