Public Health resources

From May 2014 we are starting the process of collating general public health open access resources (initially in descending date order) and would welcome any suggestions or recommendations.

Evidence and evaluation resources

Mark Petticrew, Public and Environmental Health Research Unit, Dept. of Public Health & Policy, LSHTM – What counts as evidence? (Some reflections on) Trials and other sources of evidence in public health (2009)

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence – evidence search

CDC Introduction to Program Evaluation for Public Health Programs; A self-study guide (2011)

Health Foundation

UK Health Prevention First Forum – Role of Case Studies as Evidence in Public Health (2016)

Being proactive

Kings Fund (2015) The district council contribution to public health: a time of challenge and opportunity

Kings Fund Improving the public’s health

PHE Local action on health inequalities: practice resources (September 2015)

PHE From evidence into action: opportunities to protect and improve the nation’s health (October 2014)

PHE Data and Analysis Tools

RSPH guide to commissioning for health improvement (2014)

Robert John Wood Foundation (USA)

Health mapping etc

UCL Institute for Health Equity Marmot Indicators

Local Authority Health Profiles

CIEH Mapping Health Toolkit (2013)

Ecological public health

Tim Land and Geof Raynor Ecological public health: the 21st century’s big idea? An essay

The Public Health Workforce

Centre for Workforce Intelligence Mapping the Core Public Health Workforce

Kings Fund Reading List

Kings Fund Reading List: PH in England 2013

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