Inspector of Nuisance to Environmental Health Practitioner

One of the best things about working toward a specific goal is the unexpected things that happen along the way. In the development of our new book, Pioneers in Public Health: lessons from history, several people got in touch. Although some did not wish to contribute whole chapters, they were keen to share their love of … Continue reading Inspector of Nuisance to Environmental Health Practitioner


More from Canadian evidence!

We are delighted to share this post from our Canadian friends: Working with local governments to support health equity through the built environment (HBE) Health is influenced by the way that communities are planned and built, as well as by the services and resources available within them. Health equity requires that all community members – … Continue reading More from Canadian evidence!

Housing Research

This may be of interest from the Housing Studies Association: Valerie Karn Early Career Researcher Prize - for more information go to: Valerie Karn "spent a decade as Professor of Environmental Health and Housing at Salford University, before taking up the position of Professor of Housing Studies at the Manchester University in 1994." For more information … Continue reading Housing Research

Interested in housing and the humanities?

If you’re interested in housing and the humanities, you might like to check out my new website at Here’s why I set it up. Before embarking on an environmental health degree all those years ago, I was practically signed up to take a BA degree called Literature, Life and Thought. In the end, I … Continue reading Interested in housing and the humanities?

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you all and to inspire those of you involved in housing and health as we enter 2017 you may like to check out the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) website for some further-afield open access resources.

Making EH visible: mapping food safety in Nairobi’s informal settlements

Mapping has long played a vital role in the on-going struggles to improve environmental health worldwide. The early mapping work of pioneering cholera epidemiologist Dr John Snow continues to inform investigations into the disease in countries like Haiti to this day. But for many mapping, like so many EH interventions, continues to be something you … Continue reading Making EH visible: mapping food safety in Nairobi’s informal settlements